Natural Disasters Can Have Devastating Impacts on Business – How Can Local Companies Prepare and Bounce Back? Natural disasters, like hurricanes and tornadoes, can be devastating to any business. Loss of power, damage to the office and/or network and even damaged or stolen computers are just some of the issues that business owners must consider […]

Travis is Nexus IT’s IT Solutions Advisor. He joined the team in 2015 as a lifelong sales professional who prides himself on his ethics and his desire to do things differently. He places high value on relationships, both business and personal, and genuinely hopes that the people he engages with on a day to day […]

If you’ve paid any attention to computer security in the past few years, you know how quickly biometrics is being adopted. Biometrics refers to the used of biological data for security. While passwords can be guessed or hacked, physical characteristics like fingerprints are much more difficult to fake.  This helps to protect against a wide […]

Today is National Aviation Day, a holiday established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 to honor Orville Wright’s birthday. We all know the Wright brothers as pioneers of flight and underdogs who, through sheer perseverance and ingenuity, made man’s eternal wish to soar through the clouds a reality. This historic triumph turned them into icons […]

FUN WITH NUMBERS! You Can Now Collaborate in Real-time with Excel. Have you ever wanted to work on a spreadsheet with someone, and the technology didn’t work as expected? If you’ve been waiting for real-time collaboration in Excel, it’s here! There are still a few glitches, but overall, the service works well, and it offers […]

Criminals are no longer just after your physical business assets, they’re ready to steal your confidential data as well. Keep your business safe with these top cybersecurity tips.   Keeping your business safe is critical. While you can install all kinds of physical security devices at your location, you know that you can’t completely prevent […]

The team of professionals from Salt Lake City’s Nexus IT Consultants is thrilled to be partnering with KPCW Radio in support of their Summer Pledge Drive! The KPCW Summer Pledge Drive will span the entire week of August 21st to 25th 2017 and the Nexus Challenge Hour will take place on Wednesday, August 23rd from […]

Earl Foote is Nexus IT’s CEO, having started the company in 1998. His favorite thing about being part of the Nexus IT team is interacting with and serving clients, and dreaming up and providing reliable, progressive, business-changing IT solutions to each of them. Working with our team and assisting them in furthering their careers, knowledge, […]

With mobile devices and cloud access, today’s organizations provide more flexibility for their workers.  However, your growing business still requires on-site hardware to store information on servers, or use powerful workstations with wired Internet connections for design or engineering. When hardware needs expand, it can cause “Cable Confusion.” Wired connections are often difficult to maintain, […]

Safari Technology Preview lets you check out the cool, new functionality that will be available in forthcoming releases.  It provides developers with the best way to view upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS (including visual effects, the latest layout technologies and even developer tools) so they can provide the best possible experience across all […]