The initial sales pitch for Google Glass, a wearable device that allows the user to search the Internet, make phone calls and take photos and videos, has unofficially been declared dead. The company announced that the device would not be available to the public putting and end to Google Glass in an unceremonious and unexpected […]

In the last 10 years, cloud technology has grown from a simple means of storing and retrieving data to a means of running and managing your business and collaborating with suppliers, customers and other partners. If we examine the emerging trends in cloud technology, we see more people using this technology in more ways than […]

Make no mistake about it.  Adobe is an excellent company, and they’re very good about releasing patches, especially when security is at risk.  Unfortunately, they’ve had to be.  Adobe’s Flash technology has been the way in for a number of high profile hacking attacks that have revealed gaping holes in security and raised questions as […]

Technology has transformed not only the way we do business with each other, globally, but the way we communicate and interact together. In every way that matters, technology has, and will continue for the foreseeable future to change the very fabric of the world around us. It has not, however, done that evenly. There are […]

The idea that Open Source Software (OSS) can save a company money is not new. Most OSS applications are free, go beyond the average user’s desktop and are available as enterprise solutions. It is this broader and expanded aspect of open source software that offers intriguing possibilities both now and for the future of enterprise […]

Here’s more evidence that 3d printing is poised to change almost everything about our world. A Chinese company called WinSun recently claimed to have printed an entire five-story apartment building using a massive printer measuring some five hundred feet in length. While the apartment building itself is unadorned and undecorated, standing as an example of […]

Like them or not, wearables are coming. Sales projections have them reaching as high as 130 million units across all types of wearable devices by 2018. The problem is that with wearables come some serious security risks that towers above anything we’ve seen so far. A New Type of Risk Right now, in today’s world, […]

Wi-Fi security has become both a hot topic and a major area of concern for both small businesses and individual consumers. A glance at the list of Wi-Fi connections that pop up on a user’s computer will show varying levels of security and the number of computers that are within range of accessing your computer’s […]

Perhaps one of the greatest things about the rise of high-speed wireless internet connectivity is that the whole world exists as one gigantic fishbowl now. Most development takes place in plain sight. In fact, it must by design these days, or it doesn’t get attention. If development doesn’t get attention, then it doesn’t get funding. […]

The first step in solving a problem that you have is admitting that you have it to begin with. To be able to do that, you have to be looking at the landscape in which the problem resides with eyes that want to see it and know where to look. In the case of “Shadow […]