As one of Salt Lake and Park City’s leading IT consulting firms, we’re always counting the ways our IT services pay off – both for our clients alike and us. And, we’re always looking for ways to extend or increase those payoffs, primarily for our customers, of course. For us, it’s all about the quality […]

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks Most of us know about computer hacking, computer viruses, and computer malware. But, did you know about a new threat that is soaring against company computer systems called ransomware? Ransomware happens when a cybercriminal, or gang of criminals targets your business. Once they have successfully infiltrated your […]

Automated role management tools can support account management, password management, compliance and identity management all in one user-friendly solution. Business role management involves the creation and maintenance of definitions to manage user permissions related to internal software applications and other resources. Secure, effective role management is part of the framework of every successful enterprise. Role […]

With more and more businesses turning to a cloud hosted desktop for their remote workstation needs, companies like ours have elevated our cloud computing solutions game. We provide the full range of cloud desktop services in Salt Lake City, with all the solutions you’ll need as a business moving quickly forward in 2017, and staying […]

Data backup and disaster recovery make up one of the most crucial elements of computer network – and business entity success and survival. You need an IT company that can deliver you industry-leading data recovery solutions that ensure your ability to replicate and access data during a disaster and subsequent downtime. Do you have the […]

Knowing which productivity apps are right for your small business and your employees is tough, but looking at what your peer companies can provide a good starting point. From established companies like Microsoft and its Office 365 suite to upstarts experiencing rapid growth like Slack, productivity apps that purport to help small businesses work smarter […]

There is now a new twist to W2 from phishing scams that begins with requesting tax information, now, criminals are also stealing directly from the companies who they scammed for W2 information in the first place. The old saying – “The only things you can be sure of is death and taxes” – needs to […]

Some Twists on Traditional Pizza Day Celebrations to Make the Event Memorable and Meaningful Pizza Day is happening on February 9. Most businesses already know how to celebrate — have an in-house pizza party during the lunch hour in support of the spirit of the day. Many offices also opt to visit a local pizzeria […]

For stadium network administrators looking ahead to the next baseball, basketball, and football seasons this year, you can start planning and implementing a secure wireless network for your stadium crowds. Our stadium wifi solutions will give you secure wireless network coverage your entire fan-base can connect to and which will let them share their experience […]

When large data breaches take place, involving tens of thousands of records in a chain like Target, it makes the news. But when a local boutique for women is successfully attacked few hear about, but the pain is there, and the impact so severe a local store may close forever. The odds of a cyber-attack […]