There’s no shortage of IT providers in the area.

There’s no shortage of IT providers in the area.

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Reporting Doesn’t Have To Be A Manual Process… Are you tired of drawing up reports and analyses on business processes “by hand”? Whether you’re trying to figure out how effective a given marketing strategy was, or how to price a new service or product, doing the work manually is time consuming, and error-prone. Wouldn’t you […]

  Accidentally deleting a file or folder was once something that could ruin your entire day, week, or month even — maybe even your career. All that work put into it. Countless hours put into it. And then: gone. Fortunately for those of you using Microsoft OneDrive for professional, personal, or academic reasons, there may […]

Nexus IT Consultants specializes in total technology support services. Located in Northern Utah, we serve the businesses in Park City and Salt Lake City.

A shared mailbox in Microsoft Outlook will prove invaluable if your team is collaborating on a project, as they can exchange messages from a central platform. A communal email center is also an asset if your employees are responsible for responding to customer inquiries. Outlook Calendar allows members to create events or let others know […]

Find out how a Salt Lake IT services company can help your business get to the next level. Look at the importance of hiring a company with a proven support process.

Every account you have is protected by a password or a PIN of some kind. A PIN is a personal identification number that is unique to the account it is attached to. In some cases, you are allowed to choose your own PIN. For other accounts, you must use the PIN or password that is […]

Only a few short weeks ago, we wrote about the introduction of WordPress 5.0 in early December and discussed whether or not your company should upgrade now, never or at a later date. Our recommendation was to wait until some of the bugs had been worked out of the system and until your business has […]

In Utah and throughout the country, private equity firms are buying up local IT providers and creating IT service conglomerates.  They may say that they offer rock-bottom prices, but this comes at the sacrifice of quality customer service — They are only focused on their bottom line and not the best interest of the client, quality solutions and products, or responsive customer service.