Ransomware has once again made headlines, this time due to an attack on Colonial Pipeline. Do you know how to defend against and respond to an attack like this?

Nexus CEO Earl Foote was joined by Amelia Wilcox on this recent episode of Tech Beat to talk about how she oversaw the recovery of her business over the course of the pandemic.

The Top Executive Strategy Podcast features concise and focused interviews with business leaders from a range of industries. In this episode, Nexus IT’s – Earl Foote talked to host Keith Weaver about a range of business leadership and strategy concepts.

Nexus IT is excited to announce the addition of several dozen new accounts into our prestigious client portfolio, by means of a strategic partnership with an undisclosed entity. 

According to our CEO Earl Foote, success in this world is dependent on how well you support your team — not just as skilled individuals, but as people in their own right.

As the business world becomes more digitized, it can be easy to lose sight of a company’s most important resource: people.