With the Internet of Things gaining ground across virtually all markets, it seems the big players will be the companies that have the most to gain. The Internet of Things stands to network virtually our entire world including, but not limiting to, our cars, appliances and even our houses. One of the largest markets will […]

In order for your business to succeed, customer loyalty must be a top priority. In a past that is quickly fading, loyalty was based on providing a customer with a decent service (or product) at a fair price, but this alone is not enough to compete today. Offering customers incentives to remain loyal to your […]

When you look at the best use of your IT budget, you may find that outsourcing your office equipment management is a wise choice. Making the call to have your copiers, printers and other imaging hardware managed by an outside service can make sense for a number of different reasons. Centralize the Approach If you […]

Over the last few years, there has been a growing debate on the need for a good business plan. Those against it believe the time you spend writing a plan could be better spent talking to your potential customers about the products you plan to bring to market. However, a business plan is still important […]

The issue of data breaches is not limited to just the biggest companies. Those are the ones that draw the attention of the news media, but companies large and small have experienced data breaches varying in size from almost no significant customer exposure to the compromise of both customer and employee data. It is virtually […]

Hypergrowth. If you have not yet heard of the term, it mean company growth accelerated far beyond normal expectations. There are companies that grow quickly, but a company undergoing hypergrowth will see rapid increases in demand for products and services. This is very common in Chinese markets because of their global economic power and the […]

In a business IT environment, the issue of software upgrades is far more important than for virtually every consumer. There are many reasons for this. One is simply the sheer number of computers that need to be upgraded, meaning that an upgrade error will affect hundreds or even thousands of users. Another is the impact […]

Customer relations is one of the most important aspects of a business in the global marketplace. Even on a local scale, the difference between wooing local customers and having them go to the guy next door is one of how customers feel you have brought any problems to a successful resolution. That said, the idea […]

Many small businesses have discovered the use of cloud computing, which refers to the use of off-site servers to store data, as opposed to just having it on your own computer’s hard drive or on your own network’s servers. Many of us were using the cloud before it was called that by creating online accounts […]

Geolocation refers to the process of determining the location of a computer, a piece of networking equipment or a device. It usually uses Global Position Satellites (GPS) in order to determine the geographical location of the computer or device. GPS is built into most smartphones, and there are many apps taking advantage of geolocation to […]