Finding a company that will improve your bottom line is a new level of success. But the process of acquiring a new business can be daunting—especially for IT departments who are responsible for integrating the two systems. A merger involves more than just deciding who will get what assets. You’ll need to create new systems […]

From sports medicine to SEO to writing a #1 bestselling book on raising capital, Tim Cooley has had almost every job imaginable. The foundation of each job he’s taken on? Solving problems. Even as a young man in the Marine Corps, he took outdated processes and made them better. Tim worked his way from digital […]

Research shows that outsourcing “chores” can make you an average of $18,000 richer, even though you’re spending money to outsource. The survey participants found that the other things they could accomplish with their extra time made the outsourcing worth it. And for a majority of business owners, cybersecurity falls under the chore category. If you’re […]

After burning out three times during her professional life, Gabby Lubin decided that burnout should be the exception—not the rule. To help other professionals avoid the crushing weight that comes from being overwhelmed by work, she started Spark This Day, an HR tech platform that helps employers understand and support their employees. In her podcast […]

It’s every business’s goal to fix its weaknesses before a hacker can exploit them. To find the weak spots in your security, you might consider using vulnerability testing and management. Like a test you’d take in high school, vulnerability management is a way to assess the risks in your system. It looks for weak points, […]

9 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your IT Support Needs From Doordash to laundry services, everyone does a little bit of outsourcing these days. For your business, you might ask a third party to take care of your taxes or to provide customer service. The usual view of IT is one or two technicians in […]

Connecting Businesses to Capital From racecar driver to coder to venture capital—Tara Spalding’s journey to Interim CEO & CPO of In the Wild Wild West of Texas, a young Tara Spalding developed a love of drag racing. Her father encouraged her to attend a performance racing school in Canada where she excelled and had […]

We’re excited to announce that CRN has named Nexus IT Consultants to its Managed Service Provider list in the Pioneer 250 category for 2023. The list identifies industry-leading service providers in North America who are driving a new wave of growth and innovation through forward-thinking approaches to managed services, helping end users increase efficiency and […]