Sophos and Nexus IT Consultants want to help by offering free licenses for Sophos’ Intercept X endpoint protection solution, along with the support you need to use them effectively.

These three practical steps can help industry leaders develop a pandemic response strategy. A third-party ICT expert can deliver remote workforce communication.  

Learn about enterprise IT services. Look at the benefits of enterprise IT services. Find out how enterprise IT helps different components work together.

With the right tools in place, it doesn’t matter if your staff is stuck at home for the next few days or the next few weeks – they can be just as productive as they are in the office. Do you know how to launch a remote work model for your business?

Nexus IT provides Microsoft Azure consulting and support for organizations throughout Salt Lake City. Call in our Microsoft support experts right away.

If your staff can’t come into work without risking exposure to COVID-19, then they need to stay home. Do you have an effective plan in place to support remote work?

Meet Donavon Persch, Weekend Shift Support Engineer for Nexus IT Consultants. Donavon assists our clients by addressing any incoming support tickets, helping them to overcome any issues they encounter while working on the weekend.

On November 21, 2019 from 8am – 10:30am at the Jordon Commons Megaplex Theatre, Nexus IT hosted our second breakfast and learn focused on the Secrets to Leadership Success.

Since the increase in instances of card skimmer scams, consumers have been more worried about using their credit cards at the gas pump – this is precisely what members of the Nexus IT Consultants team appeared on Mountain Connections to talk about recently.