Cyber Due Diligence is Essential in Mergers and Acquisitions—Here’s Why Revenue is usually the driving factor behind a merger or acquisition. But M&As come with hidden costs, the most important one being the cost of bad cybersecurity. If the company you’re merging with has big holes in its security, you’ll be footing the bill to […]

Protecting & Preventing Your Utah Business Against Ransomware Utah is the best state in the country to start and own a business—WalletHub has awarded us that distinction a couple of years in a row now! But with that booming economy comes the attention of hackers who are on the lookout for any weakness in businesses’ […]

How to Keep Your Children Protected With Safe Tech With over 20 years of experience in marketing and VP positions at companies like Callaway Golf, Nike, Qualtrics, Vivint, and Utah Jazz, Nate Randle knows the impact that good people make on company culture. Now at Gabb Wireless, a tech company that creates safe phones, watches, […]

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Proactive vs Reactive Cybersecurity—Why Utah Businesses Are Shifting To a Proactive Security Approach When we invest our money into something, we can either be intentional about maintenance and stay on top of it, or we take a reactive approach and wait until something goes wrong. We all know that the proactive approach typically saves us […]

The Stone That The Investors Rejected Those that meet Francis Pedraza, CEO of Invisible Technologies describe him as a deep thinker that excels in communicating vision and motivating his team. Today he sits down with Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT on this episode of TechBeat to discuss his take on being a contrarian in […]