GM has given the world a first: a recall of up to four million of the vehicles it has manufactured. Of course, recalls are nothing new, especially in the auto industry. However, what makes this one unique is that the recall is being issued because of a bug in the software of GM vehicles that […]

The hackers have struck again, and this time, they seem to have hit the Mother Lode. Yahoo recently announced that they’ve been hacked, and that at least a half a billion user accounts may have been compromised. Yes, that billion, with a “B.” The announcement was made when a portion of the database was found […]

It’s never too early to start learning to code. There’s a lot to learn, and the field is extremely fluid and dynamic, so starting early is a sure way to get ahead of the game. Lots of companies agree with this approach, including Apple, which has recently launched a new app aimed at kids designed […]

Dropbox is no stranger to hacking attacks, and in recent months, they’ve been made a target once again. In this instance, hackers have launched a phishing campaign aimed at Dropbox users. They send out poisoned emails that, by all outward appearances, look like invoices. The note that accompanies the link to the “invoice” says that […]

Since their initial release, the smart money has been betting on the idea that SSD (Solid State Drives) would ultimately replace the aging, conventional hard drive as the storage medium of choice, especially in laptops. Why not? They’re smaller, slimmer and faster. They provide everything a power laptop user wants, and let’s face it, current […]

Banks are embracing technology in new and innovative ways, or at least, some of them are. One of the biggest headaches and hassles of dealing with a bank comes when you want to open a new account. There are forms to sign, paperwork to fill out and a variety of hoops to jump through. That […]

Typically, people running some flavor of Linux have little to fear from the hacking community. By and large, Linux users have been ignored or passed by in favor of other targets. Unfortunately, not even Linux users are safe anymore. There’s a new ransomware variant making the rounds called “Fairware,” and it is specifically targeting Linux […]

There is a large and growing body of evidence that hackers and their attacks are increasing in sophistication. Hardly a month goes by that there isn’t a headline somewhere in the world about a new attack vector. The level of innovation and cunning is staggering. Apple used to be largely immune to such attacks, a […]

Consumer electronics giant Samsung just released its latest update to its flagship product, the Galaxy Note 7, two weeks ago, as of the writing of this piece. The company has sold some 2.5 million units worldwide, and now, they are issuing a global recall order, and promising to replace all units that have been sold. […]

As you probably know by now, ransomware is a particularly insidious form of hacking attack whereby a target computer’s files are locked or held hostage in some way, and besides restoring from whatever backups you have, the only way to get the files back is to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers. What you […]