Has investing in crypto crossed your mind? Maybe you already have but lost your investment, or it seems too speculative. To help make crypto investing easy, Ethan and Eric Parker have created Giddy. Giddy says it best! This is right from their website: “With Giddy you can buy, hold, send, and earn crypto all from […]

Gone are the days of agents lugging around binders full of paperwork and folders stuffed with client records—technology has revolutionized the real estate industry.  Now your clients might ask for video tours, electronic document signing, virtual open houses, and more. There’s no end to the innovative ways you can use IT to give your customers […]

We’re proud to announce that Nexus IT has been recognized as the best IT Services company in Salt Lake City by Best of SLC, an annual awards program with a mission to highlight and recognize the best companies and places in the Salt Lake City area. Nexus IT was publicly recognized at the awards ceremony […]

On this episode of Tech Beat, Earl is joined by Jeff Erickson! Jeff is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Forecastr, an online software that helps founders forecast revenue, predict runway, understand their numbers, and get funded. Jeff is a long-time player in the Utah startup scene and a force to be reckoned with on […]

Nexus IT is committed to continual improvement and growth. We strive to provide the best service possible to our clients.

When you’re off to bed for the night, do you go around your house and make sure all the doors are locked and windows are closed? Maybe you even check a security system to ensure it’s ready to go in case someone’s bold enough to try and sneak in. In a way, you’re doing a […]

Starting his business from a 1-bedroom apartment with a CAD machine and 3-D printer, Jason Klug has built a product design powerhouse over the last decade. But like many entrepreneurs, he didn’t start his journey with Klugonyx in mind. Learn about his journey and how it might help your experience as a founder in this […]

Construction is all about deadlines. Your clients expect you to meet them, and you want to meet them so you can move on to new projects and increase your revenue! The right technology is integral to saving time and money—the two main stressors of every business owner. How can construction IT services change the way […]