Superpowers: Cybersecurity and Compliance Guru, Super Connector, Community Builder, Abundance-Minded Leader Extraordinaire Street Credit: 22 Year Entrepreneurial Career, Civil Engineering Degree, SL Chamber Board of Governors, Former BBB of Utah Board Member Off-The-Wall Facts: Adventurer, World-Wanderer, Musician ( I play in a rock band), Foodie, Chef, Meditation/Yoga Practitioner, Lover of Nature

Super Powers: ConnectWise Admin, Office 365, IT Security Street Cred: Bachelors of Science in Economics, 8 Years at Nexus IT Off-The-Wall Facts: I love movies! Check out my Letterboxd:

Super Powers: Client on-boarding concierge, RMM and automation expert, project planning and organization, endpoint security administrator Street Creds: Sophos Central Endpoint and Server Architect, Kaseya VSA Certified Administrator, Email Security Administrator, currently working on Network+ Off-The-Wall Facts: Avid advocate of maintaining mental health. Especially through outdoor recreation including climbing, hiking, skiing, and backpacking.

Super Powers:┬áDocumentation and Organization, Cool Headed Trouble Shooting, Customer Approval Achiever, Virtual Machine Crafter, and Future Vision. Street Cred: Nine years of IT help desk experience with four years of System Administration, backed by a lifetime of customer satisfaction experience and team based exercises. Off-The-Wall Facts: Despite going many times has not once caught a […]