Running a business is tough, and running one when you’re on the go a lot is even tougher. Sure, hiring a second-in-command that can do the things you do when you’re gone is a great thing to do, but only if you can currently afford a second-in-command. When it’s just you, things can be a […]

Thanksgiving might not be here yet (though it’s just around the corner), but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees and clients just how much you appreciate them and everything that they do. In fact, appreciating those who keep your company running should be a year-round sort of thing, even if you just do […]

As with many technology issues, the question that often goes unanswered is where to begin. Often, companies feel the need to jump into the middle of the latest competitively essential technologies without having a clear starting point or plan in mind. In most cases, this is not through any fault of their own; it occurs […]

Let’s face it—nurturing sales leads can be a tedious, unrewarding process. Wouldn’t it be so pleasant if at least some of the process could be automated for you? That’s the magic of something called a drip campaign. The emails always improve your company’s standing with a potential client. They are helpful and relevant, and because […]

So, you’ve hired a couple of employees that have turned out to be complete failures. Now, since you’ve tasted failure, you may be afraid to hire anyone else, even when you need them. Every mistake can build your business, so you shouldn’t be viewing bad hires as anything other than a learning experience. Here are […]

The title of the article is somewhat of a loaded question because it implies that there is a controlled choice in the matter. If an employee and manager are friends prior to hiring, that situation has to be reviewed in advance of the hiring decision to avoid a potential conflict of interest within the department. […]

Facebook is the central marketing tool for many companies, and even if it isn’t exactly central at yours, it should be incredibly important as a customer relation tool. The platform has added a couple of new features that could help businesses connect with new customers in the future. Facebook Place Tips Expands Facebook Place Tips […]

It’s true; you’ve probably heard the word “transparent” used more as a buzzword than an actual concept behind running a business. This can make it difficult to figure out just exactly what it means and how important it is. We tend to use the word transparent when we are referring to politicians and the campaigns […]

While working hard will bring results over time, it’s a misconception that the more successful someone is, the more they work. If you work like a draft horse, you’ll wear out just as fast as one (10 to 12 years, by the way). Instead, you need to work hard—and smart. Smart working will guarantee you’ll […]

If you are a large business, you can afford 30 and 60 day net in most cases. It doesn’t affect your everyday overall picture. However, most small businesses are on a much tighter timeline, and even a single invoice unpaid can mean that payroll is late. How are you supposed to stop people from paying […]