In this episode, Earl Foote, CEO and Founder of Nexus IT, talks about proper etiquette for dealing with social media and business development. He reviews various mistakes he’s seen people make on a regular basis and what to do instead.

Despite using the same fundamental technology as companies ten times their size, small businesses often put up with lackluster support and shoddy IT solutions because they’re assumed to be the industry standard.

Donavon brings valuable IT experience to the Nexus team. Prior to joining Nexus IT Consultants, Donavon worked as a Systems Administrator, managing data backup, user configuration, inventory, server management, project management, and VMware for a large law firm.

Discover how a managed services provider helps save your business time and money with secure systems, accessible data and the latest technology advances.

The College depends on its technology and requires both reliable and secure IT solutions, service and support to provide the education their students deserve. For this, they’ve partnered with Nexus IT.