You’ve done it; you’ve created a website and it’s live. You poured a lot of effort into the website, and you’re incredibly proud of all of the things you’ve done. Your content is perfect. Your pictures are perfect. Your call-to-actions took a long time, but they’re perfect. Everything is perfect until something isn’t. Then you’re […]

Let’s face it: running a small business office can be incredibly expensive, especially when you have to keep the lights on. This is even truer if you have to run servers, computers, and other electronics day in and day out to keep your small business afloat. In addition, if you’re like most small businesses, a […]

It’s here: a revolutionary tool that makes businesses easier, cheaper, and faster. Your productivity will go up. Your workers can get work done from anywhere, including a plane with their phone. You don’t have to have ten terabyte hard drives or much of a hard drive at all; a magical, fantastic tool has come to […]

It isn’t 2003 anymore, when just about all you had was Internet Explorer and more than one window open meant risking the blue screen of death. Fortunately, times have changed, and with those changes come more productivity tools. You may not have thought of the browser tab as a tool of productivity, but we guarantee […]

Email scams, or “phishing,” are some of the most popular ways that scammers try to steal information from individuals and small businesses alike. Unfortunately for us, these scams are not always obvious and are sometimes not detected by a spam catcher. This means we have to be hyper vigilant about what we actually click on […]

As the number of businesses that allow workers to work from home or hire them remotely in the first place has grown, the number of ways to have effective meetings has begun to grow as well. Many companies are completely replacing their physical meetings with digital ones as they are more efficient, quicker, and people […]

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is at it again with something more than just cars. In fact, he’s been busy cooking up something that may revolutionize the way businesses and homes use power, and it’s called the Powerball (and, for businesses, it’s called the Powerpack). The Powerball and Powerpack are, in essence, batteries. Borrowing a […]

As the social media channels you need to manage grow, so does your need for the time to manage them. Sometimes you can’t quite find the time yourself, and you need to pass the hat on to somebody else. Occasionally, this means hiring a social media manager – someone who not only responds to inquiries, […]

Not too long ago, “Mobilegeddon” began, triggered by Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that gives a significant boost to websites that have taken the steps to be more mobile-friendly. The change took about a week to complete, and now that it’s complete, small and large businesses alike need to make sure their web pages are […]

Say your SMB is still doing mail-out campaigns, and you’re still spending all that money on postage. You still do paper invoices. You still print everything out so you can collaborate on projects. You are a paper-fiend, and honestly, it’s costing you a pretty penny. Today is the day you can not only reduce, but […]