Through effective use of images, transitions, and other features, slideshows enhance your presentation and help viewers remember everything you say When designing a presentation, nothing counts more than memorability. You could have the most innovative ideas imaginable, but if you don’t present them in a memorable way, you will never get credit for them. Slideshows […]

Given the number of high profile data breaches that occurred in 2016, it’s hard to believe that anyone would still be using obvious or insecure passwords. But that’s is what the latest survey from digital vault company, “Keeper,” unfortunately reveals. Every year, they publish their list of most widely used insecure passwords, as gleaned from […]

Organizational complexities top the list of possible threats to cybersecurity efforts. Throughout 2016 cyber security became a trending topic as companies across multiple industries sought to fortify their technological defenses against a growing number of hackers. Phishing scams and malicious ransomware attacks dominated the headlines throughout 2016. However, as cybersecurity best practices have continued to […]

In a play on the James Bond cybercriminal group, GoldenEye is rapidly becoming the latest ransomware campaign to attack unsuspecting corporate victims. Throughout 2015 and 2016 media outlets regularly covered cyber attacks on healthcare institutions. However, as 2017 begins, IT cyber security experts are now turning the spotlight on the latest type of ransomware attack. […]

Did you know that you may already be using cloud computing for your business without even realizing it? If you send emails, manage your social media pages or even access online banking, you are already reaping the benefits of moving your business to the cloud. If you are accustomed to the world of in-house servers, […]

ur selfies are safe. Here’s what’s happening: Thanks to radical improvements in the quality of digital cameras in recent years, it’s possible to take crisper, clearer digital photos than ever before. This, combined with the fact that high quality cameras are cheap, and built into the now-ubiquitous smartphone is the first piece of the puzzle. […]

history that security researchers demonstrated that a hacker could take control of these life-saving devices remotely and use them to kill the patients they were protecting. Since that time, we’ve witnessed a breathtaking increase in the size of the IoT (Internet of Things). It is poised to surpass the combined size of internet-connected PCs and […]

HDD’s reign is officially coming to a close. It’s getting increasingly difficult to justify springing for an old-style hard drive when you can buy an SSD or a hybrid drive instead. The advantages are just too compelling. The primary advantage that SSDs offer over their older counterparts is speed. It comes down to performance. HDD’s […]

CVE Details is a website that tracks bugs in various software systems, aggregating the data and issuing an “award” for the software that has the most reported bugs in any given year. This year, Android topped the list by a wide margin, with a staggering 523 reported security issues. The runner up, Debian Linux, placed […]

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