If you haven’t heard of a Trojan called Tordow, you probably will soon. Security researchers have been aware of it since February of this year, but recently, researchers from Comodo Security have unearthed a new, devastating upgrade to the malicious software. It’s one of a small, but growing collection of Trojans that can “root” an […]

Microsoft made a mistake, and it could complicate your life. If you’ve got your computer set up to receive automatic updates, you may have suddenly found yourself unable to connect to the internet after the December 9th update, labeled “KB3201845.” That’s because changes in the code made it impossible for the OS to accept an […]

If you use a Mac, and you have a Skype account, you could be at risk. A previously undiscovered backdoor was recently found by researchers at SpiderLabs that would allow any moderately skilled hacker to take control of the app and use it to gain access to a variety of information, including: • Any contact […]

Do you use Instagram as part of your company’s marketing efforts, or to keep tabs on the competition? If so, the company has rolled out an exciting new feature you’re sure to love: the ability to save user posts for later viewing. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. The new feature grew out […]

There’s a new phishing email making the rounds that your firm needs to be aware of if you deal with protected health information (PHI) in any way and are subject to HIPAA rules and regulations. The email is quite good, appearing for all intents and purposes to be an official communication from the Department of […]

Cybercrime is growing up. Increasingly, on the Dark Web, customers can find a wide variety of hacking activities offered as a “service.” There is everything from DDOS attacks launched by massive ‘botnets to carefully orchestrated phishing campaigns to ransomware attacks. If you’ve got the cash, the hackers have the services. They’re also getting increasingly savvy […]

If you use Sony cameras to secure your business, you could be at risk. Security researchers have recently discovered a pair of devastating security flaws in as many as 80 different models of Sony cameras. The first of these appears to be a debug mode that was inadvertently left in place by Sony engineers. The […]

It’s official – Bluetooth 5 is out, and that means good things for the Internet of Things. The new version brings lots of changes and improvements, but there are two that are particularly noteworthy. The first of these is the matter of range. It has quadrupled, so you no longer have to worry about the […]

There’s an unfortunate new ransomware variant making the rounds on the internet. As with all other forms of the software, once it infects your system, it locks all the files on your computer, then gives you instructions on how to unlock them. This, of course, involves sending a payment in BitCoins to the hackers in […]

A recently fired Expedia IT Specialist used his position to access the emails of company executives and make more than $300,000 in an insider trading stock scheme, according to investigators. While the facts of the case are both interesting and alarming, the real story, and lesson to all business owners, is the danger that your […]