Many SMB’s and corporations have shied away from allowing or utilizing Android devices in the workplace, due to their possible security risks. Most of the security risks involved with Android are related to the open development nature of the system, which allows hackers easier access to the OS and makes it easier for them to […]

Most small to medium-sized business owners understand the power of technology to transform their business. Making the right investments in technology at the right time can radically change the face, nature and character of your business. It can make you and your employees more productive, cut development time, improve customer service, and more. In doing […]

In many ways, passwords should be viewed as your first line of defense where protecting your company’s data is concerned. Sure, you’ve got antivirus software and a firewall in place, and those things are necessary too, but let’s face facts here. The vast majority of data breaches occur because someone was careless with their password […]

Video conferencing, or net conferencing as it is sometimes called, is an outgrowth of a number of different technologies, made possible by the availability of high-bandwidth, low-latency connections. Essentially, this is the same technology that makes streaming movies or playing video games across the internet possible. It’s simply that in this instance, the technology is […]

Most of us are either optimists or we can’t seem to think beyond today. Being optimistic is actually a great trait to have, except when you run a business. Not thinking beyond today may be the coping mechanism that works for you, but it’s a bad idea habit for business owners to get into. Hardly […]

Investment in new technology is always an iffy proposition for many small businesses. The first and perhaps biggest reason is the cost. Many small businesses do not have the capital investment necessary to make a long term commitment. A second reason is that any new technology should present immediate advantages in productivity or sales that […]

Keeping our data safe and secure is a very serious matter, but there are a few things that can be done to keep precious information safe from external invasions as well as an unforeseen, internal malfunction. 1. Use some sort of a reactive software protection like anti-malware, which is just a basic requirement for all […]

It’s not as though it’s a secret. More and more, companies are embracing the advantages of the cloud, both for data storage and for certain processing functions. There’s a good reason for that. Companies that do so are milking ever more efficiency out of their operations, and that helps add to the bottom line. Even […]

The biggest drawback to a non-cloud, in-house backup system is the cost. Sure, it’s a time-tested, relatively reliable solution, but it’s also quite expensive, both in terms of the initial capital outlay and the overhead needed to maintain and later scale the system. For this reason, cloud-based solutions are becoming more popular as a backup […]

For decades, Windows users have endured Microsoft’s attempts at developing an operating system they could depend on for more than a few sales cycles. From Windows XP, the parade has gone through Vista, Windows 7, the not-so-popular Windows 8, and having skipped over Windows 9 are preparing to release Windows 10. The approach Microsoft is […]