The American Medical Association recently shared its new AMA AI policy recommendations with the public. The AMA sees great potential to improve patient outcomes through this technology, but they also want to ensure that oversight and accountability for this augmented intelligence are in place so that the technology is used justly and effectively. The Role […]

Cybercrime tactics continue to evolve, on almost a daily basis. Do you know what to look out for? What should catch your eye in a suspicious email? How to verify whether an attachment is malware or not?

The old ways of approaching high-quality customer service — in person, attentively, and consistently — are over.

When it comes to watching videos online, no name comes to mind more often than YouTube. They host nearly 2 billion users each month. 60% of people now prefer watching YouTube to watching TV. 80% of people under 49 are watching videos on YouTube. It’s popular. We get it. Everyone is on it. And there’s a […]

Local Guides have contributed content about hundreds of thousands of businesses. They get together and have held meetups and conducted projects in Europe, India, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia. How Are Google’s Local Guides Different From Google Users? People have been contributing reviews, photos, and videos to Google for years. Google Local Guides […]

Most people know not to open email attachments from senders that they do not know. Unfortunately, it is not just attachments from strangers that you have to be on the lookout for. It happens quite often that people will get emails that seem to be from known senders that have malicious attachments, or that ask […]

The most effective way to become more organized is to make it a habit, not a chore. That means following these practices right in the moment, and not putting it off until later.

An uptick of vendor consolidation in the Ambulatory electronic health records industry has been a cause for concern for many small and medium practices recently. The main cause for concern lies in the preparation and costs associated with integrating their patient health records into new programs that are made necessary with vendor acquisition, especially if […]

As your NOC Engineer, Brock will ensure your network runs smoothly. He can handle many things like cyberattacks, network failures and configuration of hardware such as firewalls and routers. Basically, Brock will ensure that your IT network performs optimally and is always stable.

June 16th is Father’s Day, a great reason to spend a little quality time with the family doing a few of Dad’s favorite things.   Whatever your plans are, take some time this Sunday to let Dad know how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years, and how glad you are […]