Nexus IT Elevates Josh Hiller to Client Success Manager – Charting the Path for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Growth Nexus IT is excited to announce the promotion of Josh Hiller to the pivotal role of Client Success Manager, a strategic position dedicated to fostering our clients’ achievements and facilitating our ongoing commitment to operational excellence. […]

There’s one thing that every business owner, employee, and leisurely internet surfer hates: a bad Wi-Fi connection. And while your network goes much deeper than just your Wi-Fi, an unreliable connection can spell disaster for productivity, revenue, and even your reputation. If you’ve been experiencing bad connections, recurring outages, and slow speeds, it’s time to […]

Has the growth of your business stalled? Maybe you’ve tried every new marketing tactic or business strategy but you’re looking for something new. Whether you’re a business owner or an IT decision-maker, these business IT solutions are designed to transform your processes and help you stay ahead of the competition with just a few key […]

Nexus IT Announces Collin Stevenson as New Pod Team Lead – Pioneering Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction Nexus IT is thrilled to announce the elevation of Collin Stevenson to the role of Pod Team Lead, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards operational brilliance and unparalleled client satisfaction. Leading the Charge: Collin Stevenson at […]

To achieve HIPAA Compliance, everything in the Security Rule must be complied with, including the way you handle electronic health information. The HIPAA Security Rule offers a framework to protect ePHI (Protected Health Information). HIPAA regulations mandate that any patient identifiers in written, verbal or electronic form be protected. Does your healthcare organization in Utah comply?

Nexus IT Welcomes Dustin Davis as Director of Frontline Services – Elevating Client Success to New Heights We are excited to share with the Nexus IT family and our valued clients that Dustin Davis has been appointed as our new Director of Frontline Services. Dustin has consistently demonstrated a profound dedication to client satisfaction and […]