While it may be beneficial to some companies to use in-house IT infrastructure, most business owners will find it is much more effective to outsource their IT needs. IT outsourcing includes hardware, software, database administration, cloud computing, inventory management software, website management, etc. In this article, we will discuss the five key benefits to outsourcing […]

Today, more users are storing their data on the Internet than ever before. Instead of housing their pictures, movies and other important documents on data drives in their homes, they are shifting that storage online to one or more of the many cloud storage options available. Businesses have slowly begun to follow suit and are […]

The new year is in full swing, and it is expected to be a big year for technology. The Internet of Things is moving to the forefront of technology, offering the ability for consumers and businesses to connect and control a wide variety of machines, and even buildings, right from a smart phone or computer. […]

Microsoft has announced that it has ended the free support for Windows 7 beginning in January. This free support allowed many users to get the help they needed with problems on Windows 7. Now, this service will not be available, although you can still get help as long as you are willing to pay for […]

Because of its ability to go directly to each customer individually, email can be an effective marketing tool. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that businesses make in using email for marketing that not only waste the time invested in getting the email addresses, but may squander the customers’ good will as well. A good […]

Malware threats have exploded in recent months targeting not just computers, but also your smart phones and tablets. Now, a new threat has emerged that allows criminals to encrypt devices until a ransom is paid. This ransom is usually demanded in bitcoins rather than in than U.S. currency because it cannot be traced. How Does […]

If you are responsible for handling technology for your company, you know what it is like to deal with angry or upset users. It’s simply a part of life in IT management. Not every exchange is going to pleasant, and angry users could end up leaving you angry before the interactions are over. When something […]

The well-publicized net neutrality debate is coming to a close. At the core of the debate are two key issues. One is whether an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide higher access speeds for select web sites. The second is the idea of “paid prioritization,” in which access to select web sites can be prioritized […]

The genie is officially out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back again. Autonomous cars are coming whether we’re ready and whether we like them. The question really becomes, “What does it mean for the driving experience?” Different companies are adopting different approaches. Google is going for what industry insiders call a “Moonshot […]

Effective antivirus software is one of the first choices you should make for your organization. Keeping your data safe and ensuring that your company computers are always up and running free from viruses and other types of malware should be at the top of every business owner’s list. Good antivirus software can help you keep […]