Social Media contests can do amazing things for your brand and for your company, but only if you get your campaign off to a strong start, and then do something with the data you get from your customers and fans. Below you’ll find an outline of the steps you need to be taking in order […]

There is a slow death happening in America; courtesy towards our fellow citizens is going by the wayside. If you asked someone what they thought about this, they would most likely tell you it doesn’t matter. Well, my friend, they’re wrong – courtesy matters very much to us as human beings. It’s why the courteous […]

  There is a new virus called CryptoDefense that is making its rounds. This is a very malicious ransom-ware that encrypts all of your computer’s files and those of your servers that you are connected to. It is very difficult to disinfect. It can also infect your backups and if you do not have good […]

One of the best ways to increase the number of on-target leads generated by your current marketing tools is to pay close attention to what is known as lead scoring. Lead scoring is a calculated value designed to rank the customers who are most likely to purchase additional goods and services from the company. However, […]

Almost all types of businesses are dependent on their IT systems to get through the workday. Computers and email, IT networks and data security, online sales platforms and VoIP services—if any part of your framework goes down, chances are your employees go down with them and your workday comes to a grinding halt. That’s why […]

Privacy is becoming such an important issue as it relates to the internet that even Facebook, the company that was recently called out for secretly conducting experiments on its user base, has gotten into the game. Their offering is called Privacy Checkup and it will be rolled out soon. It is a handy way for […]

The biggest name in internet based video is Youtube. Yes, there are an assortment of other sites, but if you have a limited budget and limited time, you want to put your resources to work in the place where they’ll deliver the biggest punch, and that’s Youtube. Until you’ve firmly established a presence there, don’t […]

As the Summer months have just ended, many businesses will have experienced a slight dip in sales. If this is the case, you might be searching for some new ways to bring in revenue for the upcoming months. You might be reaching out to old clients and trying to up-sell products, capture new leads etc. […]

Just having to ask this question seems wrong. The whole idea of crowdfunding was to enable small businesses and people to gather seed money so they could pursue their dream, large or small, when the more traditional sources of acquiring capital were unavailable. Suggesting that billion dollar companies with million dollar salaried CEO’s should become […]

The personal relationships that exist between the business owner and their closest confidants are more important than warring against the competition. In fact, a recent study by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Ink, a Chase credit card company, reveals that the decision making and business operations of a small business owner […]