Why worry about innovating now? Isn’t it enough to just focus on the present and deal with problems as they come up? Most small business owners are just trying to make it day by day and don’t have the time or resources to think about the future. We get it—when Nexus IT started over 20 […]

Customer is king; data is king. The combination of these two mantras has been the driving force behind technological innovations in customer experience. Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to improve and personalize their customers’ experience, resulting in increased engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue. Year after year, tech breakthroughs are tailor-made to elevate customer-business […]

Business owners, especially small business owners, usually associate innovation with the big bucks—how could you shell out for the latest in tech when you’re still trying to keep the lights on? But there are two important things to note about tech and innovation: Investing in the right tech will make your business more profitable There […]