Think about movie effects from just 30 years ago: 3-D felt like a far-off fantasy, and computer-generated imagery (CGI) was only used in the most high-budget films. Now, we expect more and more from each film, anticipating stunning effects that are so realistic, they feel like part of the real world. Although definitely not as […]

2024: The year of solar eclipses, summer Olympics, presidential elections, and ever-changing cyber threats. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, businesses are facing new and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats every year. Take a look at this list from our security experts at Nexus IT, along with cybersecurity tips to help you stay ahead of […]

In most homes, the screws holding the front door’s lock plate are just a few centimeters long, barely enough to hold the lock plate in place. Most home invaders come through the front door, whether they pry or kick it open. Just like home invasions, most cybercriminals walk right through your “online front door,” and […]