It is no secret that hackers, the bad kind, seem to be everywhere. From local businesses trying to spy on their competitors to international peepers from anonymous foreign countries, every business and personal computer is under attack. In most cases, the goal is obtaining information for sale, whether it is to be sold on the […]

It seems that no security company is safe from hackers as LastPass finds itself among the recent high profile hacks. If you’re not sure what LastPass is, it’s a secure password service. You generate a Master Password, and use it to securely store all your other passwords. It’s convenient, because it leaves you only having to […]

To increase the security of transactions and build trust with customers, the use of biometrics is growing as an identification tool for banks worldwide. The banking industry is under increasing pressure to develop protocols to minimize the possibility of fraud and identity theft because of the constant evolution of the technologies that are now being […]

It may come as a surprise to many, but the source of most small business data breaches – about 80 percent – come from employees who either violate protocol or misuse their access privileges and use company computers for personal use. More than one of the data breaches that have made the news involve an […]

It’s no secret, in the Data Security vs. Hacker war, the hackers are winning. Every year, we see more and more data breaches occurring on an ever larger and grander scale. Every year, we hear about how companies are taking steps to better secure their data and the data their customers share with them, but […]

Useful, targeted content marketing needs to be part of any small business’s strategy. Becoming knowledgeable about content marketing is key for the small business owner, and learning how to make the most of your efforts online and on social media will reap benefits now and into the future. Determine Where Your Customers Look For Content […]

Apps for social networks, airlines, even department stores and more are being created every day for the Apple Watch. Here are some ready-to-launch app and what they do. 1. American Airlines- This app allows the user to receive an alert when it’s time to leave for the airport. The user can also get the gate […]

We’ve all been there – experiencing drastic rises in our blood pressure as we attempted to complete a high-profile project on an overburdened, limited-access wireless network. Scenarios like this are not good for anybody, but especially not for your business. Frustration breeds low morale faster than the Flash can rescue the pretty girl and beat […]

BYOD, also known as Bring Your Own Device, is a growing trend in the modern business environment. It has been an issue as younger people, often referred to as digital natives, enter the workforce and bring with them years of experience with technology. Combined with the fact that the baby boomers are now leaving the […]

In history class, we learned about the Industrial Revolution and its impact on the world. Today, we are in the midst of a technological revolution, with impacts as broad as the ones from the revolution brought about by the cotton gin. As a leader, do you know what you need to know about this phenomenon? […]